Danil (scrolltex) Kalashnikov

Programmer. Guitarist. Curler.

About me:

I live in Novosibirsk, Russia.
I started learning programming at fourth class. My first programming language was Small Basic, about which my father told me. I programming on Small Basic for about a 1,5 year, until I learned it completely and get stuck with the language capabilities. After that, вad told me about с++ language and gave me a book. I began to study it. So I got carried away with programming, with which I decided to connect life, and which I am engaged to this day :)

My programming skils:

  1. C++ (7/10)
  2. C# (5/10)
  3. JS (+NodeJS) (4/10)
  4. PHP (4/10)
  5. Python (3/10)

My favotite code editor is Visual Studio (Community / Code). Also i use Notepad++. For C#/C++ code quality i've use ReSharper. As VCS i've use a Git. As a build system i've use CMake.

My hobbies:

  • Creation

    I love creating a variety of electronic devices.

  • Sport

    I really like to play curling. I've been playing since 2015 year for the youth team of Novosibirsk (curling-club "Pinguin"). I am a Candidate Master of Sports in Curling :)

  • Music

    I also like playing the guitar very much! I play acoustic and electric guitars. Still sometimes I play on the ukulele.